Curriculum Vitae                                                                                                          

NAME                 : Svend Larsen


SPECIALIZATION       : Mechanical Engineering


NATIONALITY          : Danish


DATE OF BIRTH        : 1940


EDUCATION     1968   : Helsingør Technical College, DK

                       B.Sc.Mechanical Engineering


           2002   : DS/EN 954-1 Maskinsikkerhed(Safety of machinery)

                     Sikkerhedsrelaterede dele af styresystemer

                       (Safety related parts of Control systems)


              1999   : 2-day Course in CE-marking


1994   : European Welding Engineer   EWE


              1994   : Force Institute Course E.61 "WELDplan"


              1993   : GMP Course for NNE A/S.

                       IS Course in Autocad with proficiency test


              1991   : IS Course in "DS 485-Pressurized Plants"           

1990   : Force Institute Course S1 "Material technology"


1989   : Force Institute Course S3 "Procedure arrangement and testing"


1988   : Business degree in export procedures.

  Force Institute Course S29

  "Environment and security" S26 "NDT"


1985   : Metalindustriens Fagskole

  3-day course in CAD/CAM

  Course in Sheet Metal Construction


1984   : IS Hydraulic Course

  IS Course in "Design for Engineers"


1983   : State approved proficiency test in German Language


1981/85: IS Course in "Calculation of steel construction"


1977   : Course in "Personel Management"


1976/80: Business degree in Management, Organisation and Planning


1969   : State approved proficiency test in English Language





  Danish      Mother Tongue


  English     Very good


  German      Fair                     


KEY QUALIFICATIONS. Mr. Svend Larsen has during the years acquired experience in Teaching in Technical Schools,

Construction of Cement Plants, Quality Assurance, Vendor Inspection, Technical Specifications for Purchase,

Design and Management of Spare Part System, Analysis of Project Management System, Calculation of Heat Exchangers,

Project Manager for Offshore Project-Desalination Plant, Construction of process equipment, Preparation of

Grønne regnskaber”, Energy saving arrangements, Pipe layout for ammonia plants.

Responsible for Documentation and CE-marking of process plants and equipment for the chemical and pharmaceutical

industry. Environmental management systems and Certifying acc. to 14001 (2003).



EXPERIENCE RECORD                                        


Period          Clients


Present-1983  : B og W Energi A/S

  Steelstructures for Power Plants


  Boman CE

  Articles in Arbejdstilsynet News Letter for ”Machinery

  Directive” and national and international standards (2002)


  Brown og Root NPC

  Pipelines for Offshore Platforms


  P. Brøste, Mech. Dept.

  Documentation for Waste Water Treatment Plants


  CEU Kolding (2006)

  CE-marking of “Emergency Stop” on tooling machinery


  Cool Sorption A/S(2002/2006)

  Guidance in ASME and other standards for Off-Shore project.

  Risk assessment and CE-marking of pumps from 3. country and  

  process plant


  COWI/Odense, Consulting Engineers

  As built Manual for Gasplant


  Den Kongelige Veterinær-og Landbohøjskole



                Fagerlund & Co. A/S(2002)

                CE-marking of electric height adjustable furnitures (2002)


  Fläkt Danmark A/S (ABB Energi)

  Quality assurance, Vendor Inspection, Tech. Spec. for Purchase, Management of Spare Part System


  FLS miljø as

  Analysis of Project Management System



  Course in CE-marking (2004)



Forum Frederiksberg A/S

Energy Report


              Fredriksberg Tekniske Skole



Hillerød Tekniske Skole

Teaching in Organisation, Business Administration and Economy


Haldor Topsøe A/S (1998/1999/2000/2001)

              Pipe layout for Ammonia Plants, Techn. dossiers for Amm. Plants

              Implementation and execution of CE-marking of the Catalyst factory

              In Frederikssund (1997-2001).

              CE-marking of the complete production facilities for DeNOx Catalyst

              In Frederikssund (1999-2001.

Course in CE-marking (1997)     


              ABC Hansen Engineering A/S(2001)

              Writing and translation of manuals for machinery (English)


              Chr. Hansen Roskilde (2006)

              Risk assessments, documentation and CE-marking of Process Equipment


              Leif Hansen Rådgivende Ingeniører A/S

Courses in CE-marking (2005)


              Holbæk Tekniske Skole




              Gennemgang af ventilations- og varmeanlæg for plalægning af renovering (2003)


              IAK (Ingeniørernes Arbejdsløshedskasse)

              Foredragsholder ved Iværksætteraften (2006)


              IDA/IDA (Ingeniørforenigen i Danmark/Dansk Maskinteknisk Selskab)

              Icomes 2005 (International Congress of Mechanical Engineering Societies)

              Congress Organizer

Courses in CE-marking (Kbh., Århus, Odense 2005/6)


              Jern- & Maskinindustrien(2002)

Written articles regarding ”Machinery Directive”


Kuwait Petroleum Refining Denmark A/S

Piping and Vessel Construction


Jens Kristensen

              CE-marking of Hair Washing Machine(2001)         

              CE-marking of Rain Simulator(2004)


Køge Tekniske Skole

Teaching in Mech. Construction and Material Technology


Metalindustriens Fagskole, Ballerup



Nielsen Classic Auto Parts

A-Cad drawings (2005)


Nordiske Kabel og Trådfabriker A/S

Construction and Calculation of Machinery for Cable Production (1983-1987)


NOVO Nordisk Engineering A/S

Manuals for Process Plants for Medical Production


Novozymes A/S

Dokumentation and CE-marking of Process Equipment (2003/4/5)

Courses in CE-marking (2003)

Economical calculations, layouts and project management of utility and process equipment for enzymes production


as pentra Consulting Engineers

Calculation of Heat Exchangers, Revsion of Manual System for Centrifuges, Project Manager for Offshore    Desalination Plant.

              Workshop drwg. for several cement plants.

              Validation of IBP plant for Novo Nordisk A/S

CE-marking proposal for Løvens Kemiske Fabrik (2001)

Ce-marking of IBP plant for Novo Nordisk A/S (2001/2)

Ce-marking of machinery for IBP plant 2001/2)

Validation of pharmaceutical bulk-manufact. facilities (2001/2)


Rockwool International A/S / Rockwool A/S

Construction of Process Equipment/Lay-out of process machinery,

              Preparation of “Grønne Regnskaber”, Design, calculation and implementation

              of energy saving arrangememts.

              Application to ”Københavns Amt” regarding change in storing of

              fenol and formelin according to change in legislation (2001).


SMS Skandinavisk Miljø Service A/S

              Steelstructures and ducts for Fluegas Cleaning Plants

              Rev. of Drwg. for Electrostatic Precipitator


Sorø Ole Bjerregaard (Møbler) 

              Environmental management systems. Certifying acc. to 14001 (2003/4/5/6)


              VN & HH Smede- og Maskinfabrik

              Kvalitetssikring af stålentreprise  (2006)




Svend Larsen Rådg. Ing. M.IDA EWE

Troels-Lunds Vej 14

2000 Frederiksberg


38791449 / 40731447